Saturday, May 2, 2009


I started this blog for my daughters. Not just my survivors, but all my daughters. I figure someday, Jordan and Riley can look back at all the memories I share, and someday, they will know how much Taylor is missed by her Mommy and Daddy. When I first found out that we had lost our sweet Taylor, I was 22 weeks along with our triplet girls. I have since received her pathology report back, and she was perfect. So I guess I will never have a reason to pin it on. Everything happens for a reason, and as much as the reason won't make me feel better about losing my daughter, I have to learn to accept it.

On the surface, people see a happy couple, with two awesome baby girls, a nice house and four dogs. That was what I needed to see too, so I could make it through. Now, I'm ready to see us as a happy couple, with three awesome daughters, two here, and one, our angel.

I guess this is my way of letting, you, my friends and family, know that I am ready to talk about her, miss her, and eventually say goodbye to her. You don't have to be afraid to mention her to me anymore. And you don't have to call my survivors "twins" anymore, as to not upset me. I am now ready to hear survivng triplets, or even just "the girls". Hearing them called twins used to help, because it would help me forget they were triplets. Now, I find calling them twin is more painful, since it feels like everyone had forgotten about her. I hope you can all take a minute, every now and again, to remember my sweet baby, and Jordan and Riley's triplet sister, Taylor Lee.

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